CamTethering is an application for Mac OS X that let you remote control your digital camera from your computer (this is also named as tethering).
This software uses the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) and Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) to communicate with cameras.
With CamTethering you can get and set many properties of the camera, such as shutter speed, F number, ISO, focal length,…
CamTethering can communicate with cameras connected to your computer through USB, Firewire, WiFi, Bluetooth,…
Main CamTethering features:

  • Take pictures with automatic Depth of Field (DoF) calculation
  • Bracketing with the following properties: shutter speed, F number and ISO
  • Time lapse with many options to set the start and end time, frecuency and total pictures
  • You can view, edit, delete and save pictures taken from your camera

CamTethering will have more features in the future and also you can suggest which ones are important for you and I take care of them.